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Несмотря на многочисленные свидетельства посещения НЛО Земли начиная с самых древнейших времен, массовый характер этот феномен приобрел летом 1947 г., когда в течение короткого времени было зафиксировано более 1000 наблюдений НЛО на территории США с соответствующими обращениями в прессу и государственные органы. Впоследствии случаи наблюдения НЛО были зафиксированы на всех пяти континентах и почти во всех государствах планеты, что заставляет рассматривать феномен НЛО как глобальный массовый феномен. Начиная с 1947 г. и по сей день в таких государствах, как США, Канада, Великобритания, Франция, Дания регулярно проводятся опросы общественного мнения по проблеме НЛО (результаты опросов), которые показывают, что проявление феномена НЛО не только не затухает со временем, но наоборот – интенсифицируется.

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9721.07.2023Filmed on 2 locations over California: Strange lights hovering in the sky YESTERDAY
9620.07.2023 Pentagon Official Warns of Potential Threat From Extraterrestrial “Technical Supremacy” as UAP Hearing Approaches
9520.07.2023UFO Sightings Over Marina Del Rey – An Unforgettable Afternoon
9418.07.2023Круги на полях: Новый рисунок появился на поле в английском графстве Вустершир
9307.07.2023The Mysterious Crop Circles of 2023: The Enigmatic Formation at Allan King Way
9206.07.2023НЛО на земной орбите во время запуска SpaceX Ax-2
9106.07.2023Круги на полях: Сразу два рисунка появились в английском графстве Хемпшир
9002.07.2023Esta empresa aeroespacial de EE. UU. se está deshaciendo de un supuesto OVNI, afirma un periodista
8929.06.2023В английском графстве Хэмпшир появился рисунок на поле
8823.06.2023Mysterious Crop Circles Emerge in Saint-Babel, France: A Confluence of Intrigue and Agricultural Impact
8723.06.2023VIDEO: Alien Intrigue in Ohio? The Unexplained Green Lights of Middletown
8619.06.2023Decoding the Intrigue: Wiltshire’s 2023 Eastleigh Court Crop Circles Explained!
8519.06.2023"Круги на полях": Новый рисунок появился в английском графстве Уилтшир
8417.06.2023n cable anómalo hecho de manganeso y platino en el sitio del océano Pacífico del primer meteorito interestelar
8317.06.2023l caso del bahiense abducido: "No le encuentro sentido a lo que pasó"
8216.06.2023Shock as multiple witnesses see 'military jets dogfighting with UFO' over lake
8114.06.2023Mysterious Circle of Lights: A Captivating UFO Sighting in Candler, NC
8013.06.2023"Круги на полях": Новый рисунок появился в английском графстве Уилтшир
7909.06.2023Новый рисунок на поле появился в английском графстве Уилтшир
7809.06.2023НЛО появился во время проведения авиашоу в Великобритании
7705.06.2023Круги на полях: рисунок обнаружен на итальянском пшеничном поле
7603.06.2023Shock video shows 'fleet' of UFOs circling lake then 'vanishing in mid-air'
7530.05.2023Unusual UFO Sightings: A Mysterious Pyramid Floats Over Nevada
7430.05.2023Daylight UFO Sighting: The High-Speed, Cigar-Shaped Enigma Over Hungary
7330.05.2023Mystery as 'UFO' seen flying over eagle in rare broad daylight video
7226.05.2023The Latest UFO Sightings: Unexplained Lights Forming a Triangle Over Northern Phoenix
7125.05.2023Astonishing UFO Sightings Over Huntington Park: A Spectacular Display of Aerial Phenomena
7023.05.2023VIDEO: Mysterious UFO Sightings Over Neoules, France Stirs Curiosity: A Mesmerizing Encounter with the Unknown
6922.05.2023Captivating Footage of Triangular UFO Spotted Over Mexico
6822.05.2023UFO Spurs 12-Hour Closure at Gaziantep Airport in Turkey
6721.05.20232 VIDEOS! 4 stationary UFOs filmed over Santiago de Chile 16-May-2023
6619.05.2023'UFO' spotted on other side of the moon in wild video recorded in broad daylight
6519.05.2023Shock as 'alien craft' seen above hotspot in 'clearest UFO footage this year'
6418.05.2023Laser Pointer Strike Triggers Sudden Movement from UFO over Big Bear Lake, California
6316.05.2023Extraordinary UFO Sighting in L’Alfàs del Pi, Spain: A New Hotspot for Extraterrestrial Activity?
6214.05.2023Unprecedented UFO Sighting Over Deerfield Beach: A Cosmic Ballet at Dawn
6112.05.2023Mysterious Lights Over La Plata: A UFO Phenomenon?
6011.05.2023VIDEO: Unexplained UFO Sightings: The Mysterious Orange Orbs Over Greensburg, Indiana
5910.05.2023Unveiling the Enigma: UFO Encounters in the Alaskan Wilderness
5820.04.2023Пентагон рассекретил два случая обнаружения НЛО дронами MQ-9 Reaper
5716.04.2023VIDEO: 2 bright UFOs over New York 15-Apr-2023
5611.04.2023UFO Sightings: Stunning Footage Shows Mysterious Craft Soaring Past Model’s Plane at 20,000 Feet
5509.04.2023Model in UFO mystery as bizarre craft flies past her plane at 20,000 feet
5402.04.2023Silver Sphere UFO Caught on Camera Making 90-Degree Turn in Edmonton
5301.04.2023Enigmatic UFO Encounter in Bolivia: Vanishing Baby Alien and the Village’s Mysterious Visitors
5201.04.2023Mysterious UFO Sighting Captivates Inverness, Florida Residents
5127.03.2023The Mysterious UFO Over Chile: Real Life UFO Footage Caught On Camera
5026.03.2023Amazing Mumbai, India UFO sighting – 2023 (Today!)
4925.03.2023Tic Tac UFO Filmed from a Plane Over Central California – A Detailed Account
4825.03.2023Mystifying UFO Sighting in Southeastern Coachella Valley Stirs Curiosity
4724.03.2023Mysterious Daytime UFO Sighting: Man and His Dog Encounter a Puzzling Orb in March 2023
4623.03.2023Mysterious UFO Sighting in Sunrise, FL: The Triangular Formation – 2 VIDEOS!
4522.03.2023Unraveling the Texas UFO Puzzle: Fighter Jet and Glowing Octagonal Object
4411.03.2023Triangle Formation of Black Spheres: Latest UFO Sighting in El Cajon, California
4309.03.2023The Pyramid-Shaped UAP Over Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine: A Mysterious Encounter Caught on Video by Two Witnesses
4207.03.2023Really fast UFO filmed over Southern California – March 2023
4107.03.2023Latest UFO Sighting in Ohio: Oval-Shaped Object Merges with Massive Ball of Light
4003.03.2023MUST SEE! Massive UFOs Spotted in Montreal: Witness Captures Viral Video
3901.03.2023Passengers Spot Unidentified Objects During Approach to Boston Landing
3827.02.2023Unexplained UFO Sighting in Glendale, Arizona – Witness Reports Mysterious Appearance and Disappearance of Lights on February 1, 2023
3723.02.2023Shocking Ring security camera footage shows blue mystery orb fly over home
3621.02.2023UFO Sighting in Quebec: Telepathic Chat with Pleiadians
3517.02.2023UFO Sightings near Volcanoes: Exploring the Latest Footage
3416.02.2023Diamond-Shaped Objects Hover Over Oceanside, California
3315.02.2023Latest UFO Sightings: Strange Objects Spotted in Olympia, Washington on Valentine’s Day
3212.02.2023Canadian North crew reports 2 lights dancing in the sky over Yellowknife
3111.02.2023UFO Sightings Video: UAP’s Harnessing Energy from Electrical Storms over Austin, Texas
3011.02.2023Exploring the Mysteries of the Welsh Skies: Collection of 400+ UFO Newspaper Articles
2910.02.2023Latest UFO Sighting from Port Allegany, Pennsylvania 8-Feb-2023
2808.02.2023Stunning Triangle UFO Spotted in Salt Lake City
2703.02.2023Orange Balls in the Sky: The Feb 1st 2023 UFO Sighting in Mesa
2601.02.2023UFOs filmed over Texas 20-Jan-2023
2501.02.2023Stanton sighting – UFO only seen on camera, not with naked eye!
2428.01.2023UFO on the Horizon: Passenger Captures Incredible Footage on Delta Flight
2326.01.2023AMAZING UFO VIDEO! UAP drops two objects over Picket Post Mountain in Arizona
2225.01.2023Amazing UFO sighting video from Zambia, 2023!
2125.01.2023VIDEO! Bethany Beach UFO Sighting: Bright, Slow Flashing Objects Spotted in Delaware Skies
2025.01.2023Sydney’s Latest UFO Sighting: Watch the Video of a Speeding, Maneuvering and Accelerating Unidentified Flying Object!
1924.01.2023The Credible Encounter: The 1954 Cennina UFO Landing and Encounter with Humanoids
1822.01.2023Orange Orbs in the Sky: San Pablo’s Latest UFO Sighting
1721.01.2023California UFO sightings: Dana Point Residents Spot a Pulsating, Snake-Like UAP
1621.01.2023Latest UFO Sightings video from West Virginia: Triangle spins and then turns into one light
1520.01.2023The First 2023 UFO Photo from Venezuela
1420.01.2023VIDEOS! Giant Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted in Multiple Locations Across South Africa
1316.01.2023UFO Sighting on State Route 51 in Arizona, 2023
1216.01.2023VIDEO! Teleporting in the Illinois Night Sky: A Father and Son’s Incredible Encounter with a UFO
1113.01.2023You won’t believe what these Trowbridge (UK) residents caught on camera: A UFO unlike any other!
1012.01.2023Mysterious Lights Filmed Near Military Base: Are They UFOs or Something Else?
910.01.2023VIDEO – Mysterious Objects Spotted in Clear Skies Over Punta Gorda: Is it a UFO?
809.01.2023VIDEO: Mysterious UFO Sighting Reported in Naples, Italy
709.01.2023Florida: Crystal River Residents Report Strange Lights in the Sky – VIDEO!
608.01.2023Mysterious UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas Causes Stir on Social Media
504.01.2023Mysterious UFO spotted over Tamaulipas highway, Mexico
403.01.2023Glasgow Resident Has Close Encounter with UFO
303.01.2023Incredible UFO caught on camera approaching commercial airliner in Brazil!
202.01.2023Glasgow Resident Has Close Encounter with UFO
102.01.2023Mysterious Object Spotted in Pakistan’s Skies: What Could It Be?

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