Зафиксированные НЛО в 2022 году

20129.12.2022Mysterious UFO Sighting in Florida Leaves Witnesses Baffled
20026.12.2022Mysterious UFO Sighting Reported in Sickerville, New Jersey on Christmas Day 2022
19924.12.2022Mysterious UFO Spotted Flying Over Pasto, Colombia: Was it an Advanced Aircraft or Something More?
19822.12.2022Unidentified flying saucer like object captured on video in Colombia
19722.12.2022UFO sighting in San Diego leaves residents puzzled
19620.12.2022Orb-like UFOs seen 'flying in formation' over countryside sparking probe
19519.12.2022Unidentified Flying Objects Sighted in Crawley, UK: A Mystery to be Solved?
19419.12.2022Huge uptick in UFO sightings over New York City in 2022
19317.12.2022Mystery as 'UFO' hovers in sky before disappearing leaving people baffled
19217.12.2022Triangular UFO Formation Spotted in Los Angeles Skies
19114.12.2022UFO sighting near Lake Geneva, Switzerland – December 2022
19013.12.20223 glowing UFOs a couple blocks from the US capitol, Washington, D.C.
18910.12.2022Triangle UFO formation over St Helens, UK 9-Dec-2022
18809.12.2022Man went outside to speak to a higher being and two UFOs come & hover above him – Georgia, Yesterday
18707.12.2022Orbs in triangle formation in the sky above Reno, Nevada 6-Dec-2022
18607.12.2022Bright UFO making fast movements over Marion, IL 1-Dec-2022
18504.12.2022Irregular moving UFO in space! VIDEO!
18401.12.2022Donut-shaped UFO over Southern California on 27-Nov-2022
18329.11.20225 oval like bright lights flying and hovering – Rivery, California – YESTERDAY
18228.11.2022Triangle UFO filmed over Flint, Michigan 22-Nov- 2022
18126.11.2022Triangle UFO filmed over Gelligaer, UK – November 2022
18025.11.2022UFO caught on video over power station in UK, 2022
17924.11.2022Intense UFO sighting: 4 huge lights over Villa Rica, Georgia, 2022
17820.11.2022Bright UFO hovering above Dripping Springs, TX 2-Oct-2022
17720.11.2022Former aircraft Mechanic films a triangle UFO over Phoenix, Arizona 17-Nov-2022
17619.11.2022Amazing footage! Mothership UFO releasing smaller UFOs over the Moon!
17519.11.2022Полицейский сфотографировал самолет, преследующий НЛО
17417.11.2022Big glowing UFO flying over Gainesville, Georgia YESTERDAY
17315.11.2022Flashing UFO over Dunnellon, Florida 12-Nov-2022
17215.11.2022Multiple UFOs filmed over Austin, Texas 12-Nov-2022
17115.11.2022Air Traffic Control Center Porto Alegre, Brazil captures UFO reported by pilots
17012.11.2022Amazing daytime UFO footage of high speed objects – Canton, Ohio 10-Nov-2022
16910.11.2022AMAZING VIDEO: 1 UFO splits into 5 over Boston, MA 9-Nov-2022
16810.11.2022The sixth night of UFOs in Porto Alegre, Brazil
16709.11.2022Летающая тарелка погрузилась в озеро Титикака, а затем вылетела из него
16609.11.2022Tic tac shape UFO flying across the sky over Oregon City – November 2022
16504.11.2022Curious pillars of lights appear over South Korea's Jeju Island
16404.11.2022UFO VIDEO: 2 UFOs spotted over NYC
16301.11.2022Sacramento UFO Sighting – YESTERDAY
16231.10.2022Three pulsating lights hovering above English Mountain, Dandridge, Tennessee
16130.10.2022Cigar-shaped UFO filmed from a plane over Denver, Colorado 2022
16028.10.2022UFO with 6 lights hovering above Hallandale Beach, Florida
15923.10.2022Fascinating triangle UFO filmed over Cottageville, South Carolina 13-Oct-2022
15821.10.2022UFO sighting video filmed over San Diego, California – October 2022
15720.10.2022Amazing UFO sighting filmed over Medellin, Colombia – October 2022
15620.10.2022TicTac UFO over Syracuse, NY 28-Aug-2022
15518.10.2022Huge fast UFO filmed over Mexico City 16-Oct-2022
15417.10.2022Arizona UFO Sighting 15-Oct-2022
15314.10.2022Amazing UFO filmed somewhere over United States yesterday!
15213.10.20223 UFO lights in formation over Scottsdale, Arizona 2-Oct-2022
15112.10.2022Short UFO video from Nesles la Vallée, France 7-Oct-2022
15012.10.2022UFO changing directions over Palm Desert, California 9-Oct-2022
14911.10.2022Unknown UFO lights flying over Sacramento, California 9-Oct-2022
14811.10.2022Huge bright UFO filmed over North Carolina 9-Oct-2022
14708.10.2022Strange UFO light hovering in evening sky and changing direction and light intensity – Canton, MI
14606.10.2022UFO passes by boat at sunset Mundelein, Illinois 5-Oct-2022
14505.10.2022Jaw-dropping video shows hundreds of schoolkids scream as 'UFO' appears in sky
14404.10.2022Possible triangle UFO video from Burlington, Ontario, Canada 29-Sep-2022
14304.10.2022Floating UFOs over Lee’s Summit, Missouri – October 2022
14202.10.2022Sacramento, California UFO Sighting: 4 UFOs headed east direction 2022
14101.10.20222 linked UFO Orbs filmed over Teignmouth, UK 2022
14030.09.2022UFO sighting filmed from a plane over Los Angeles, CA 19-Sep-2022
13927.09.2022Octopus like UFO over NYC | Yesterday
13826.09.2022UFO following Thunderbirds at Skyfest Airsshow at Fairchild AFB, Washington
13725.09.2022Same UFO filmed over 4 different locations over United States (Pennsylvania, New York, Texas) YESTERDAY
13624.09.2022Fast UFO filmed over Groningen, Netherlands 2022
13523.09.2022Orange UFO Orbs in San Clemente, California 19-Sep-2022
13423.09.2022Необычный НЛО наблюдали в ночном небе над деревней в Индии
13319.09.2022Sky-watcher caught UFO leaving the Moon
13215.09.2022Над Мексикой появился огромный НЛО с сияющими огнями
13113.09.2022LA UFO Sighting “I saw a bright light that remained stationary for at least 5 minutes before slowly”
13012.09.20223 bright UFOs over Orlando, Florida 2022
12911.09.20222 UFOs in East Kilbride, Scotland 9-Sep-2022
12810.09.2022Bright UFO flying over Sacramento, California YESTERDAY
12710.09.2022Jalisco, Mexico UFO sighting September 7-Sep-2022
12610.09.20225 UFOs flying over Hamilton, New Zealand 2022
12510.09.2022Rhombus UFO in Shakopee, Minnesota 3-Sep-2022
12410.09.20223 orange rotating UFOS make explosion with triangle in middle then more orange lights appear – New Mexico
12308.09.2022Jalisco, Mexico UFO sighting September 7-Sep-2022
12207.09.20225 UFOs flying over Hamilton, New Zealand 2022
12105.09.2022Incredibly clear photo 'shows 50ft disc-shaped UFO emerging from storm'
12005.09.2022Rhombus UFO in Shakopee, Minnesota 3-Sep-2022
11905.09.20223 orange rotating UFOS make explosion with triangle in middle then more orange lights appear – New Mexico
11804.09.2022Flying Saucer appears over Tamaulipas, Mexico
11702.09.2022Watch as US Navy's most advanced warship is buzzed by mystery ‘UFO’ drone swarm
11601.09.2022Strange UFO lights over oilfield in Kennedy, Texas – August 2022
11530.08.2022New MASSIVE triangle UFO sighting over Santa Monica Pier – MUST SEE
11428.08.2022Cluster of circular shaped glowing UFOs over Santa Fe, New Mexico 27-Aug-2022
11327.08.2022Daytime UFO over Tabatinga, Brazil 2022
11224.08.2022Triangle UFO over the ocean in Mexico 22-Aug-2022
11123.08.2022Westminster, Colorado massive UFO sighting 20-Aug-2022
11022.08.2022“Observed several UFOs in the sky” – Bremerton, Washington 21-Aug-2022
10922.08.2022Multiple ships crossing powerup – Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch 2022
10821.08.2022Bright star like UFOs clumped together flying over Palmdale, California 13-Aug-2022
10721.08.20223 UFOs filmed over Phoenix, Arizona 13-Aug-2022
10621.08.2022Elmwood Park, Illinois UFO sighting
10520.08.2022Huge cigar shaped UFO over Sinsheim, Germany
10420.08.2022Pilot caught cube-shaped UFO flying over Columbia at 30,000 ft.
10318.08.2022Odd aerial sighting nicknamed 'Steve' may unlock UFO mystery, expert says
10218.08.2022Cube like object with large energy field in sky above Toronto 17-Aug-2022
10117.08.2022Bright star like UFOs clumped together flying over Palmdale, California 13-Aug-2022
10016.08.20223 UFOs filmed over Phoenix, Arizona 13-Aug-2022
9916.08.2022Пилоты самолета обнаружили под Балаковом НЛО
9816.08.2022Elmwood Park, Illinois UFO sighting
9711.08.2022Fort Lupton, Colorado UFO Sighting
9609.08.2022UFO fireball in the western skies looking from Anza, California 6-Aug-2022
9508.08.2022Stationary blinking UFO over Boynton, Florida 31-May-2022
9407.08.2022Blue UFO filmed over Denver, Colorado 21-Jul-2022
9306.08.2022Sparkling Orange UFO Ball over Albuquerque, NM 2022
9205.08.20223 UFOs or possibly a triangle UFO over Benidorm, Spain
9104.08.2022Huge flashing UFO over Peoria, Arizona 16-Jun-2022
9031.07.20222 UFOs filmed in Atlanta during severe electrical storm YESTERDAY
8930.07.2022UFO filmed over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8829.07.2022Британский доктор запечатлел на видео странные НЛО
8724.07.2022В английском графстве Уилтшир обнаружен новый рисунок на поле
8622.07.2022Really fast UFO filmed over Surrey, BC, Canada 20-Jul-2022
8520.07.2022UFO activity over Winter garden, Florida 11-Jun-2022
8418.07.2022В английском графстве Уилтшир был обнаружен очередной рисунок на поле
8313.07.2022Новый рисунок на поле появился в английском графстве Хэмпшир
8212.07.2022Two silver UFO spheres over Horton Kirby, UK 9-Jul-2022
8111.07.2022UFO over Menlo park, California YESTERDAY
8023.06.2022Two Fighter Jets Spotted Chasing A UFO Over Mount Desert Island In Maine 20-Jun-2022
7920.06.2022В английском графстве Уилтшир появился новый рисунок на поле
7820.06.2022Diamond looking UFO over Morro Bay, California TODAY
7715.06.2022Наблюдение активности НЛО в районе озера Эльсинор, Калифорния, США
7615.06.2022Fast daytime UFO filmed over San Francisco, CA 13-Jun-2022
7514.06.2022Two UFO sighting within ten minutes over Kansas City YESTERDAY
7411.06.2022В штате Миссури сняли на видео "летающую тарелку" притягивающую молнии во время грозы
7309.06.2022Daytime UFO filmed over NSW, Australia – June 2022
7206.06.2022Быстро движущийся НЛО замечен во время празднования платинового юбилея королевы
7105.06.2022В английском графстве Уилтшир обнаружен новый рисунок на поле
7003.06.2022Reflective UFOs appeared in a tight cluster over Lansing, Michigan 25-May-2022
6902.06.2022Boomerang shaped UFO hovered and moved slowly – Montgomery, Indiana
6802.06.2022Во Франции появился первый в 2022 году "рисунок на поле"
6701.06.2022UFOs over Daytona Beach, Florida 28 May 2022
6624.05.2022В английском графстве Уилтшир обнаружен новый рисунок на полях
6521.05.2022Amazing! Flying saucer hovering in storm over Cairo, Egypt
6421.05.2022Metallic Tic Tac UFO with a sharp abrupt change in direction over Lake Elsinore, CA 16-May-2022
6320.05.2022Bright UFO goes across sky, stops for plane then proceeds on – Yelm, WA – 18-May-2022
6218.05.2022Daytime UFO flying saucer over Victoria, Australia May 2022
6118.05.2022Daytime UFO filmed over Maiden, North Carolina 14-May-2022
6011.05.2022Tic-Tac / Walnut like UFO Hovering Over South Beach, Miami | 10 May 2022
5909.05.2022Cigar-shaped UFO over Los Angeles 2022
5809.05.2022Камера установленная на МКС зафиксировала полет флотилии НЛО
5708.05.2022Fast Moving cloud with a silver object behind it – London – 18-Apr-2022
5608.05.2022Fast UFO emerges from a cloud over Channahon, IL YESTERDAY
5507.05.2022Strange UFO activity over Cameron Park, California – 6 May 2022
5403.05.2022Daytime UFO maneuvering over Bridgetown, Barbados 12 April 2022
5328.04.2022UFO vanished over Saucier, MS 27-Apr-2022
5226.04.2022Triangle UFO over Boston, Massachusetts 24-Apr-2022
5125.04.2022Daytime UFO sighting over Bangkok, Thailand 22Apr-2022
5024.04.2022НЛО наблюдали над Бангкоком, Таиланд
4923.04.2022UFO spotted in Hays County
4822.04.2022AMAZING 2 UFOs over Paris, France YESTERDAY
4718.04.2022Похожие неизвестные объекты зафиксированы над Южной Африкой и Калифорнией
4618.04.2022НЛО излучающее круглый луч света засекли над Токио, Япония
4516.04.2022Diamond Shaped UFO Over Columbia 9-Apr-2022
4414.04.2022UFO Travels In To Clouds Over Texas Attempting to Hide From Plane
4308.04.2022UFO OVNI sighting over Dajabon, Dominican republic 2022
4206.04.2022Группа НЛО пролетела над Мельбурном в Австралии
4103.04.2022UFO spotted over Holy City
4001.04.2022Strange UFO filmed Hadera, Israel Yesterday
3931.03.2022Spherical UFO filmed over Wheeler Peak, New Mexico
3828.03.2022UFO sighting from volcano Etna in Italy, 2022
3726.03.2022Strange UFO filmed over Kirtland AFB by the Air Force guy 2022
3624.03.2022Twin UFOs tear open the Australian sky
3520.03.2022UFOs over Fukushima after 7.3 earthquake hits Japan!
3414.03.2022Fast UFO filmed on live stream from Sodankyla, Finland 13-Mar-2022
3313.03.2022Triangle UFO over Detroid, Michigan 11-Mar-2022
3209.03.2022UFO flying over Lviv, Ukraine 7-Mar-2022
3108.03.2022UFO hovering above Kiev, Ukraine 5-Mar-2022
3003.03.2022Черный НЛО треугольной формы замечен парящим над Пакистаном
2928.02.2022UFOs in the sky above Portland, Oregon!?
2826.02.2022Triangle UFO over Albany, New York 24 Feb 2022
2725.02.2022Strange UFO lights over Redlands, Florida 24 Feb 2022
2621.02.2022UFO spotted in Jerusalem
2515.02.2022PHOENIX LIGHTS 2022?? UFOs multiplying over Phoenix, Arizona 14-Feb-2022
2414.02.2022Strange triangle UFO formation over Tennessee – February 2022
2311.02.2022Really fast UFO sighting over northern parts of Norway, 2022 – Norwegian mainstream medias reports!
2208.02.2022Strange UFO lights over the beach in Mar del Plata, Argentina – 6 January 2022
2107.02.2022Explosive Volcanoes Brings Mysterious UFOs
2007.02.2022Mexico resident captures bright light across night sky
1907.02.2022SpaceX, NASA looking into sluggish chutes on last 2 flights
1806.02.2022Daytime UFO activity over Santa Monica, California
1704.02.2022Huge UFO Orb landing in Kozhukhova, Russia ??? FULL VIDEO!
1631.01.2022Flashing UFOs over east coast of Canada – Nova Scotia | January 2022
1528.01.2022UFO hovered over Islamabad, Pakistan for over 2 hours 26-Jan-2022
1427.01.20223 UFOs over Ithaca, New York 26-Jan-2022
1327.01.2022Встреча с НЛО в небе над Атлантик-Сити
1226.01.2022Strange UFO activity over Corpus Christi, Texas 20-Jan-2022
1125.01.2022UFO filmed over Edwards, California YESTERDAY
1014.01.2022UFOs caught on tape over Port Orchard, Washington 2022
913.01.2022Multiple UFOs over Beach park, Illinois
809.01.2022The Proof Is Out There: UFOS INVADE NYC
708.01.2022UFO filmed over Manila, Philippines 29-Dec-2021
608.01.2022Gigantic Snake Like UFO over Bakersfield, California 4-Jan-2022
508.01.2022AMAZING! Close UFO with Multi Colored Lights – Orangeburg, South Carolina – 6-Jan-2022
407.01.2022Над столицей Чили наблюдали НЛО
307.01.2022Member of flight crew films UFO over Georgia | 3 Jan 2022
206.01.2022UFO lights filmed over Alaska 4-Jan-2022
104.01.20223-4 orbs moving in front of me in a slow pulsating manner | Tulsa, Oklahoma