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  1. no that is a character. When Mike presented that question. He was saying “role in the movie” as in “this person is the hero”. He was saying don’t describe what they look like, or what role they play as characters, or what job they have. Han Solo flies ships – not a character. Han Solo doesn’t want to be involved but is in it for the money – definitely a CHARACTER. That’s the distinguishing point. I was describing her emotional state in the film – having to deal with a gift that she doesn’t want or understand, but growing to use it. The first time the gift shows up is in the force vision sequence where she’s suddenly overwhelmed with visions of the past and the future. That’s characterization. That’s her being forced (pun intended) to confront something more. She just wants to get home at first. That’s a character. Comfortable in her life, not interested in fighting a bigger battle, and not really able to comprehend much more than her small, meager life on Jakku. That’s character. Lack of character is “Qui Gon Jinn is the master. Qui Gon Jinn is played by Liam Neeson. Qui Gon Jinn beats up the bad guy”.
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  2. Bonsoir y a t-il une mise à jour de cette rom en 4.4.4 WizzedKat pout le s2?? Hors sujet, la mise à jour en 4.4.4 pour le s4 est prévue pour quand ??
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  3. I would have been so tempted to act really surprised and then reference that he was putting it in my ear or belly button so thank god she spoke up because for all these years (and with access to the interwebs) I’ve clearly been doing it wrong.
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  4. This is outright incitement to violence…in this case, the police have a good reason to step in.
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